Replaces the metadata table on an item with new values.


exports.ox_inventory:SetMetadata(source, slot, metadata)
Argument Type Optional Explanation
source integer no The id of the inventory being accessed
slot integer no The slot being modified
metadata table no New metadata values

This will replace all metadata values, so if you want to change a value you need to get the item data first.


local ox_inventory = exports.ox_inventory

local water = ox_inventory:Search(xPlayer.source, 1, 'water')
for k, v in pairs(water) do
    print('\n______________'..'\n- index '..k)
    print(, 'slot: '..v.slot, 'metadata: '..json.encode(v.metadata))
    water = v
water.metadata.type = 'clean'
ox_inventory:SetMetadata(xPlayer.source, water.slot, water.metadata)
print(('modified %sx water in slot %s with new metadata'):format(water.count, water.slot))
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