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Getting Started

MySQL or MariaDB?

Most resources for FiveM were designed to be used with MySQL 5.7 and may hit compatibility issues when using MySQL 8, i.e.

  • More reserved keywords, like 'stored' and 'group'.
  • Longtext / JSON fields do not support default values.

MariaDB is strongly recommended for compatibility, and improved performance (over all versions of MySQL).


XAMPP is not a database, and should not be used solely to start your MySQL/MariaDB service. Please do not use XAMPP.


  • Download the latest build of oxmysql (not the source code).
  • Extract the contents of the archive to your resources folder.
  • Start the resource near the top of your resources in your server.cfg.
  • If you have a lot of streamed assets, load them first to prevent timing out the connection.


You can change the configuration settings by using convars inside your server.cfg.
Reference the following for an idea of how to set your connection options.
You must include one of the following lines, adjusted for your connection and database settings.


When using convars do not replicate sensitive information to the client. set will only be set on the server, while setr is replicated.

set mysql_connection_string "mysql://root:12345@localhost:3306/es_extended?charset=utf8mb4"
set mysql_connection_string "user=root;password=12345;host=localhost;port=3306;database=es_extended;charset=utf8mb4"

Certain special characters are reserved or blocked and may cause issues when used in your password.
For more optional settings (such as multiple statements) you can reference pool.d.ts and connection.d.ts.

You can also add the following convars if you require extra information when testing queries.

set mysql_slow_query_warning 150
set mysql_debug true

Debug options

When using the mysql_debug convar, rather than setting the value as true, you can send an array and enable debug prints for a set list of resources instead.

set mysql_debug [

This list can be adjusted during runtime with commands, temporarily adding or removing resources until the resource is restarted.

oxmysql_debug remove ox_core
oxmysql_debug add ox_core

Debug UI

Debug UI is used to see your total query number, speeds, per resource queries and their speeds, etc...

You can read more about using the debug UI on the Using the Debug UI page


You shouldn't run multiple mysql resources to ensure the best experience.
The resources listed below can be deleted to allow oxmysql to handle the events, without any changes.


Standard API for mysql-async uses server_script '@mysql-async/lib/MySQL.lua'.
Raw exports, mostly used in resources written in JavaScript or C#, are not supported.


As of v2.4.0, oxmysql can be utilised with ghmattimysql's exports, such as exports.ghmattimysql:execute.