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When calling exports to add options, the input is an array of tables with the following properties.

  • label: string Display text.
  • name?: string Used as an identifier to remove the option.
  • icon?: string Name of a Font Awesome icon.
  • iconColor?: string
  • distance?: number
  • bones?: string | string[]
  • groups?: string | string[] | table<string, number>
    • A group, array of groups, or pairs of groups-grades required to show the option.
    • Groups are framework dependent, and may refer to jobs, gangs, etc.
  • items?: string | string[] | table<string, number>
    • An item, array of items, or pairs of items-count required to show the option.
    • Items are framework dependent.
  • anyItem?: boolean
    • Only require a single item from the items table to exist.
  • canInteract?: function(entity, distance, coords, name, bone)
    • Do not use this function to "return true". Options will always display if this is undefined.
  • onSelect?: function(data)
  • export?: string
  • event?: string
  • serverEvent?: string
  • command?: string