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Keyboard navigation menu with specific event functions.


Registers and caches a menu under the specified id.

lib.registerMenu(data, cb)
  • data: table (object)
    • id: string
    • title: string
    • options: table (array)
      • label: string
      • progress?: number
      • colorScheme?: string
      • icon?: string
        • FontAwesome icon that will be displayed on the left side, works the same as notification and textui icons.
        • Also supports image urls, png and webp files but are not recommend to use over font awesome icons.
      • iconColor?: string
      • values?: table (Array<string | {label: string; description: string}>)
        • If provided creates a side scrollable list.
        • When using object and setting description, the set description will be displayed in the menu tooltip.
      • checked?: boolean
        • Setting either true or false will make the button a checkbox, if values is also provided the button will be a scrollable list.
      • description?: string
        • Displays tooltip below menu on hovered item with provided description.
      • defaultIndex?: number
        • Sets the current index for the list to specified number.
      • args?: {[key: string]: any}
        • Allows you to pass any arguments through the button.
        • If the button has values then isScroll is automatically passed.
        • If the button has checked to either true or false then isCheck is automatically passed.
      • close?: boolean
        • If set to false, it won't close the menu upon interacting with this option.
    • position?: 'top-left' or 'top-right' or 'bottom-left' or 'bottom-right'
      • Default: 'top-left'
    • disableInput?: boolean
      • Default: false
    • canClose: boolean
      • If set to false the user won't be able to exit the menu without pressing one of the buttons.
    • onClose: function(keyPressed?: 'Escape' | 'Backspace')
      • Function that runs when the menu is exited via ESC/Backspace.
    • onSelected: function(selected: number, secondary: number | boolean, args: {[key: string]: any})
      • Function being ran when the selected button in the menu changes.
    • onSideScroll: function(selected: number, scrollIndex: number, args: {[key: string]: any})
      • Function ran whenever a scroll list item is changed.
    • onCheck: function(selected: number, checked: boolean, args: {[key: string]: any})
  • cb: function(selected: number, scrollIndex: number, args: {[key: string]: any})
    • Callback function when the menu item is pressed.


Displays the menu with the provided id.

  • id: string


  • onExit?: boolean
    • If true runs the menu's onClose function.


Returns the id of the currently open menu.



lib.setMenuOptions(id, options, index)
  • id: string
  • options: table (object or array)
  • index?: number
    • If specified only sets the options table on the specified options index.


Replaces the 3rd index option of the specified menu

lib.setMenuOptions('some_menu_id', {label = 'New option', icon = 'plus'}, 3)

Usage Example

First we register the menu with our specified options then we call the show function in the command.


Avoid constantly re-registering a menu that does not depend on any outside values (A.K.A a static menu).

id = 'some_menu_id',
title = 'Menu title',
position = 'top-right',
onSideScroll = function(selected, scrollIndex, args)
print("Scroll: ", selected, scrollIndex, args)
onSelected = function(selected, secondary, args)
if not secondary then
print("Normal button")
if args.isCheck then
print("Check button")

if args.isScroll then
print("Scroll button")
print(selected, secondary, json.encode(args, {indent=true}))
onCheck = function(selected, checked, args)
print("Check: ", selected, checked, args)
onClose = function(keyPressed)
print('Menu closed')
if keyPressed then
print(('Pressed %s to close the menu'):format(keyPressed))
options = {
{label = 'Simple button', description = 'It has a description!'},
{label = 'Checkbox button', checked = true},
{label = 'Scroll button with icon', icon = 'arrows-up-down-left-right', values={'hello', 'there'}},
{label = 'Button with args', args = {someArg = 'nice_button'}},
{label = 'List button', values = {'You', 'can', 'side', 'scroll', 'this'}, description = 'It also has a description!'},
{label = 'List button with default index', values = {'You', 'can', 'side', 'scroll', 'this'}, defaultIndex = 5},
{label = 'List button with args', values = {'You', 'can', 'side', 'scroll', 'this'}, args = {someValue = 3, otherValue = 'value'}},
}, function(selected, scrollIndex, args)
print(selected, scrollIndex, args)

RegisterCommand('testmenu', function()