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Alert Dialog

Simple alert dialog that can display a message to the player.
Returns whether the player pressed the confirm button or canceled the dialog.


  • data: table (object)
    • header: string
      • Dialog title.
    • content: string
      • Dialog body content, supports markdown.
    • centered?: boolean
      • Centers the dialog vertically and horizontally.
    • cancel?: boolean
      • Displays a cancel button (ESC is still available if this is not defined).
    • size?: 'xs' or 'sm' or 'md' or 'lg' or 'xl'
    • overflow?: boolean
    • labels?: table
      • Allows you to define the displayed labels for cancel and/or confirm buttons.
      • cancel?: string
      • confirm?: string

Returns confirm if the player pressed the confirm button, otherwise if the player pressed the cancel button or has exited the dialog with ESC the return will be cancel.


Force closes the active alert dialog and sets its return data as nil



local alert = lib.alertDialog({
header = 'Hello there',
content = 'General Kenobi \n Markdown support!',
centered = true,
cancel = true