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Caches data related to the player and handling some events or statebags.
An interval runs every 100ms to update data that cannot be checked via handlers.


  • ped: number
    • player entity id
  • playerId: number
    • player id
  • serverId: number
    • player server id
  • vehicle: number or false
    • vehicle entity id
  • seat: number or false
    • vehicle seat index
  • resource: string
    • invoking resource name
  • weapon: number or false
    • current ped weapon
  • coords: vec3
    • current player coords
    • only populated if using zones or points
    • cannot be listened for with onCache


Register an event handler that is triggered when the cached value is updated.

lib.onCache(key, function(value) end)
  • key: string
  • value: any
lib.onCache('vehicle', function(value)
print('old vehicle:', cache.vehicle)
print('new vehicle:', value)