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Getting started


This resource does not have a stable (v1.0) release; breaking changes are likely.
Documentation may not be kept updated in some cases.

We strongly recommend using Git to help with version control and separating your own changes from the original source code.
Refer to GitHub's guide to setting up Git.

You can also download a Git GUI client, such as GitKraken, to improve your workflow and more easily maintain changes.


These resources are required for ox_core to function, and must start before it.


  • Download and install the LTS version of Node.js 16.
  • Open a terminal, command prompt, etc. and navigate to your resources folder.
  • Execute the following commands
npm install --location=global pnpm
git clone
cd web
pnpm i
pnpm build

The following resources aren't required, but should offer the best experience for your server.


Slot-based inventory system with support for item metadata (uniqueness), shops, crafting, and much more.


Phone with many built-in apps such as Twitter, Marketplace, and Notes; with support for 3rd party app integration.


Banking and financing, with support for multiple, unique, and shared accounts.
If using it with ox_inventory, open pefcl/config.json and enable framework integration.

"frameworkIntegration": {
"enabled": true,
"resource": "ox_inventory",
"syncInitialBankBalance": false